Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Entrepreneurship in Cameroon is failing to thrive due to the entrepreneurial ecosystem; poor infrastructure, market entry barriers and poor internal market dynamics. However, the country fares well in terms of legal and commercial infrastructure, government support programs and post-school entrepreneurial education.

As an entrepreneur, you need to know where to invest – money, time, resources, etc. The YES Entrepreneurs Society Africa Continent can help you do this more wisely. In collaborating with YES, you can deploy research teams that provide a snapshot of the ecosystem in which you operate. You therefore are in a position to leverage strong data to influence ways to create an entrepreneurial culture and eradicate corruption.


The YES Entrepreneurs Society Africa Continent has engaged closely with major international institutions such as the World Bank, World Economic Forum, United Nations and the European Commission, collaborating on reports, presenting at events and providing expert advice.

Cameroon Tribune reports that the General Manager of the Cameroon business guild, eCAM, Christian Ngueda, said “this edition aims at introducing Cameroon to international competition.” He called on entrepreneurs to massively participate in the activities of the forum, noting that through their participation they will be able to secure opportunities for their enterprises.


  • Apply unique approaches to studying entrepreneurship at the national level.
  • Help inform policy.
  • Leverage customized tools.
  • Reputation
  • Collaborate with a network of top experts around the world.
  • Support your career growth as an academic.

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